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Angkor Wat Tour Guides

Knowledge and Experience

To speak simply and from our hearts, all of our leading members are the well-selected licensed Angkor Wat tour guides/Siem Reap tour guides who have great interpersonal skill and long experience in tourism industry. 

As to improve our general knowledge, we, Angkor Wat Day Tour, regularly organize study tours to museums to learn more about history and newly discovered artifacts and inscriptions around Angkor, Siem Reap. Moreover, we also travel to the frequently visited temples and other lonely and peaceful temple sites in the jungle in order to see some more details around them which are truly interested by most of our tourists, and in addition to that we often explore around ecotourism sites as well so that it enables us to organize tour itineraries more than just like the others. 

Besides, we often inspect hotels and participate in various activities on a regular basis. 

This first-hand experience ensures you receive a truly exceptional tailor-made travel service from your first enquiry through to your return home.

Special Arrangement

We have carefully penned many diverse itineraries(with Angkor Wat tour guide) that focus specifically on your interests and provide you with real experiences of our homeland specialties. You get to enjoy without feeling rushed or disturbed. 

Your Special Holiday

Our tailor- made itineraries are flexible. So our guests are able to expose their idea on what they are interested the most then we can adjust our itineraries to match with that requirement. 

Your holiday...          Your day!

Our Purpose

Our Angkor Wat Day Tour team is a dynamic tour operator that aims to inspire, create and provide a new dimension of product for a new breed of traveller. Our Siem Reap tour guides/ Angkor Wat Tour guides' dream is to move on forwards from one day to one day through reputation earned from all of our tourists , for we are honest, enthusiastic, and full of experience. 

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