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Welcome to Angkor Wat Day Tour

Tourism industry has played a very important role in developing national economy of Cambodia. With Angkor Wat and other natural tourist destinations, the country draws millions of tourists every year, especially to Siem Reap province, obviously providing variety of jobs possible for thousands of local people.

As for our Angkor Wat Tour Guides team, we have been interestingly dealing in this field for decades, started from being the Siem Reap Angkor drivers for backpackers, staffs of hotels, staffs of tour agencies... and finally as the Angkor Wat tour guides or Siem Reap Tour Guides, hence an idea to build up this Angkor Wat tour guides team to arrange diversity of tours for all tourists, planning a trip to explore around Angkor ruins as well as other eco-tourist attractions, share cultures..., taste the real local favourites and so on.

Look! Our top challenge is to guide all of you, our guests, to reach the real value of your holiday in our small, but uniquely beautiful and graceful homeland, Cambodia, the kingdom of wonder.

Angkor Wat Day Tour...

To experience more than just to see...

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